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World to Witness First Indian in Space and Deep Sea by 2025, Says Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh

New Delhi: In a landmark announcement, Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh revealed that the world will witness the first Indian in space and another Indian in deep sea exploration by 2025. Speaking at an event hosted by Bharat 24 News network, Dr. Singh highlighted India’s remarkable progress in both the space and marine sectors.

Dr. Singh disclosed that four astronauts—three Group Captains and one Wing Commander—have been selected for India’s first human space mission, Gaganyaan. Additionally, India’s Deep-Sea Mission will see three Indians venture into the deep sea in 2025, marking a significant milestone for the nation.

During his address, Dr. Singh also highlighted the developmental strides made in Northeast India over the past decade, describing it as a role model for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of development. He cited the construction of new airports, expansion of all-weather roads and highways, enhanced railway connectivity, and new waterways as major infrastructural achievements.

Dr. Singh emphasized the significant human resource development in the region, with recruiters from the hospitality and aviation industries now actively seeking talent from Northeast India. He mentioned Prime Minister Modi’s initiative to establish a ‘Citrus Fruit Park – A Centre of Excellence’ in Mizoram, leveraging the region’s favorable conditions.

Addressing the progress in Jammu and Kashmir, Dr. Singh noted a record number of tourists, with nearly 2.5 crore visitors last season, as a testament to the region’s development and peace. He added that 1 lakh people have already arrived for the Amarnath Yatra, indicating a boom in domestic tourism. He asserted that terrorism in the region is in its last phase.

The media group congratulated Dr. Singh on his electoral success from the Udhampur constituency and his continued ministerial role. Reflecting on India’s vision and recent progress in the space sector, Dr. Singh stated, “The space sector will not only focus on launching rockets and satellites but also drive growth in agriculture, infrastructure, communication, and healthcare. Initiatives such as land record management, new geospatial policy, and the soil health card will boost farmer productivity.”

He highlighted the surge in space startups, noting that the number has grown from one in 2022 to nearly 200 in 2024, following the sector’s opening to private participation. He mentioned that private sector investment in the space sector has reached ₹1000 crore in just a few months.

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