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Government Issues Guidelines for National Green Hydrogen Mission Funding

New Delhi: The Government of India has released comprehensive guidelines for the funding of testing facilities, infrastructure, and institutional support under the National Green Hydrogen Mission. These guidelines, issued by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), aim to bolster the development of standards and regulatory frameworks crucial for the mission’s success.

The newly introduced scheme focuses on identifying gaps in existing testing facilities for components, technologies, and processes within the green hydrogen value chain. By supporting the creation of new testing facilities and upgrading existing ones, the scheme seeks to ensure safe and secure operations in the green hydrogen sector.

Key Features of the Scheme

  • Budgetary Outlay: The scheme will be implemented with a total budget of ₹200 crore until the financial year 2025-26.
  • Implementation Agency: The National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) has been designated as the Scheme Implementation Agency (SIA).
  • Objectives: The scheme aims to develop robust quality and performance testing facilities to ensure quality, sustainability, and safety in green hydrogen production and trade.

The guidelines can be accessed here.

National Green Hydrogen Mission

Launched on January 4, 2023, with an outlay of ₹19,744 crore until FY 2029-30, the National Green Hydrogen Mission is a pivotal initiative aimed at propelling India towards becoming self-reliant (Aatma Nirbhar) in clean energy. The mission is expected to significantly decarbonize the economy, reduce dependence on fossil fuel imports, and position India as a global leader in green hydrogen technology and markets.

The mission’s comprehensive approach encompasses various aspects of green hydrogen production, including the development of standards and regulatory frameworks, infrastructure enhancement, and institutional support. These efforts are poised to inspire global clean energy transitions and contribute to India’s sustainable development goals.

Union Minister for New & Renewable Energy, speaking on the occasion, emphasized the mission’s transformative potential, stating, “The National Green Hydrogen Mission is a cornerstone of our commitment to a sustainable and self-reliant future. By developing robust testing and regulatory frameworks, we ensure the highest standards of safety and quality in green hydrogen production, fostering innovation and leadership in clean energy.”

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