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Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh Launches “One Week One Theme” Campaign to Showcase India’s Scientific Successes

New Delhi: Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh, who holds independent charge of Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, along with various other key roles, today inaugurated the “One Week One Theme” (OWOT) campaign. This initiative aims to highlight India’s recent advancements in various streams of science and technology.

“Our goal is to integrate the efforts of all CSIR labs working on similar projects to reduce overlap and optimize resources,” Dr. Singh stated. The OWOT initiative, conceived by Dr. Singh, seeks to make innovation inclusive and accessible to all, under the auspices of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

Building on the legacy and success of the “One Week One Lab” (OWOL) initiative launched last year, OWOT aims to create awareness among citizens about the progress and developments in CSIR labs, thereby opening new avenues and opportunities for employment. The initiative also aims to empower stakeholders such as MSMEs, startups, SHGs, scientists, and researchers through integration and collaboration with industry.

During the launch event, Dr. Singh oversaw the signing of 24 technology transfers, product launches, and MoUs. He emphasized the historical significance of CSIR, noting its contributions dating back to pre-independence India. Over the last decade, efforts have been made to bridge the gap between industry, academia, research, and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Singh highlighted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of extending the benefits of scientific research beyond laboratories to farmers and common citizens, thereby promoting ease of living. The OWOT campaign will cover eight themes: energy and energy devices; chemicals and petrochemicals; aerospace; electronics and strategic sectors; civil infrastructure and engineering; agriculture, nutrition, and biotech; healthcare; mining, minerals, metals, and materials; and ecology, environment, earth, ocean sciences, and water.

Expressing satisfaction with the success of OWOL, Dr. Singh expressed hope for similar success with OWOT. He announced plans to scale up this initiative from CSIR labs to other facilities and introduced the agenda for next year as “One Week One Integrated Theme” (OWIT). He also highlighted significant progress in initiatives like the Deep-Sea Mission, Aroma Mission, millet economy, bio-economy, and next-generation technology, which are expected to accelerate India’s economic growth, propelling it to become the fourth largest economy globally.

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