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Odisha Govt to Open Cold Storage Facilities in Every Block to Address Rising Vegetable Prices

Bhubaneswar: In response to the escalating prices of vegetables across the state, Krushna Chandra Patra, Odisha’s Minister of Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare, announced plans to establish cold storage facilities in every block of Odisha. The announcement was made during a press briefing held on Monday.

Minister Patra addressed the rising onion prices, explaining that onions are currently imported from Nashik and Andhra Pradesh at a quintal price of Rs 2,953, resulting in a base price of Rs 29.53 per kilogram. After factoring in transportation costs and the profit margins of wholesalers and retailers, the final selling price reaches Rs 40 per kilogram.

“We are strictly monitoring unauthorized hoarding of vegetables and will take stringent action against anyone attempting to exploit consumers,” the Minister emphasized, underlining the government’s commitment to consumer protection.

He also addressed the surge in potato prices, attributing it to the price increases in neighboring states such as West Bengal and Assam.

When questioned about the rising costs of tomatoes and other vegetables, Minister Patra acknowledged the government’s limited control over these prices. “The problem can be addressed by opening cold stores in every block of the state,” he said. “It will take time, but we are committed to doing it.”

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