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Principal Secretary of Agriculture Restricts Visits to State Headquarters for Transfer Complaints

Bhubaneswar – In a bid to streamline the functioning of district and field officers, Dr. Arabinda Kumar Padhee, the Principal Secretary of the Agriculture and Farmers’ Empowerment Department, has restricted frequent visits of these officers to the State headquarters regarding transfer-related complaints.

Dr. Padhee emphasized that no officer is allowed to visit the State headquarters without prior permission from higher authorities. This decision follows a previously issued directive requiring district and field officers to obtain a permission letter from higher authorities before visiting the headquarters for any complaints or grievances.

To ensure efficient grievance resolution, Dr. Padhee encouraged officers to utilize departmental email or appropriate channels, where complaints can be resolved based on individual merits and government norms. Additionally, the department organizes a grievance cell every Monday, where officials and farmers can resolve their issues promptly.

“We are trying to resolve any grievance quickly and efficiently,” Dr. Padhee said. “However, some officers are making frequent visits to the State headquarters regarding transfer cases in gross violation of earlier orders. Therefore, no district officials will be allowed to come to Bhubaneswar without permission from the authorities.”

As the kharif season approaches, Dr. Padhee highlighted the importance of field officers being present at their respective stations to meet the needs of farmers. He stressed that officers must prioritize their responsibilities to farmers during this crucial period.

Dr. Padhee also advised officers to refrain from exerting pressure regarding transfer matters, warning that such actions would not exempt them from adhering to government service conduct rules.

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