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Odisha Govt Hosts Workshop to Promote Wildlife Awareness Among Students

Bhubaneswar:  To raise awareness about wildlife and biodiversity, the Odisha government organized a workshop on Friday, engaging around 400 students from various government schools and the Odisha Iconic Model School in Andharua, Bhubaneswar. The event was hosted by the School and Mass Education Department.

Renowned wildlife photographer and mountaineer Dhritiman Mukherjee was the highlight of the workshop. Mukherjee shared his extensive experience in capturing the biodiversity of nature through his photography career. He enthralled the students with stories of various species thriving in unique habitats, including deep caves and the ocean’s depths where sunlight does not reach.

Mukherjee’s presentation featured stunning photographs of marine life, including snakes, fish, plants, and microorganisms living in the deep sea. Through these visual aids, he illustrated the diversity and complexity of life beneath the ocean’s surface and in other remote environments.

Addressing the students, Mukherjee emphasized their responsibility towards protecting nature and the various plants and animals that inhabit it. He urged the young attendees to be mindful of their actions and their impact on the environment.

The workshop also included an interactive question-and-answer session, where Mukherjee clarified the students’ doubts and curiosities about nature and wildlife. This engagement provided a platform for students to deepen their understanding and foster a greater appreciation for biodiversity.

Officials from the School and Mass Education Department also attended the workshop, underscoring the government’s commitment to environmental education. The event aimed to inspire the younger generation to take an active role in conserving wildlife and preserving biodiversity for future generations.

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