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Odisha Higher Education Minister Suryabanshi Suraj Emphasizes Support for Meritorious and Poor Students in First Department Visit

Bhubaneswar: Suryabanshi Suraj, the newly appointed Minister of Higher Education for the Government of Odisha, conducted a review meeting with the department after assuming his new role. The meeting took place at the Higher Education Department, where the Minister was briefed on various departmental activities, programs, and the performance of educational institutions across the state.

During the meeting, Agrawal and other officials provided detailed information about the state’s colleges, universities, and the various programs under the Higher Education Department.

Minister Suraj expressed the Odisha government’s strong commitment to supporting meritorious and economically disadvantaged students by effectively implementing the New Education Policy in higher education. He was informed about the performance and challenges faced by different colleges and universities, including private, non-aided, and block grant colleges. The Minister directed the department officials to take prompt action to address these issues.

A significant part of the discussion centered around the enrollment and attendance of female students, with Minister Suraj underscoring the importance of ensuring higher participation rates among women in higher education.

“There will be no shortage of funds for infrastructure and other developmental activities for the colleges in the state. All the schemes and programs launched by the Higher Education Department should prioritize the needs of students, especially focusing on benefiting the poor and meritorious students,” Minister Suraj stated.

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