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Odisha CM Announces Significant Remuneration Increase for Folk Artists

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to promote and preserve the rich folk arts of Odisha, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has announced an enhancement in the remuneration for performing artists who participate in awareness programs organized by the Information and Public Relations Department.

Under the new directive, the remuneration for various folk arts, including Daskathia, Pala, Ghoda Nacha, folk dance, and folk music, has been increased. This decision holds particular significance as the information and public relations department recognizes the potency of folk art as a powerful medium for effective communication and implementation of various government schemes.

According to the revised remuneration structure, each folk artist will now be duly compensated for three performances, with each performance spanning three hours, in a single day. The team leader will receive Rs. 1000 per day, while other members will be granted Rs. 800 per day. Additionally, an amount of Rs. 300 per person per day will be allocated to cover their transportation and food expenses.

For instance, a two-member team involved in Daskathia performances will now receive Rs. 2400, a significant increase from the previous rate of Rs. 2000.

Similarly, for Pala performances, a team of six will be rewarded with Rs. 6,800, a substantial raise from the earlier remuneration of Rs. 350 per program.

Furthermore, the Ghoda Nacha performers’ team will now be entitled to Rs. 9,000, as opposed to the previous rate of Rs. 350.

Likewise, in the domain of folk dance and folk music, the remuneration has been revised to Rs. 9,000 for an eight-member team performing together, replacing the previous rate of Rs. 400 per program.

By recognizing and appropriately remunerating the artists, the government aims to encourage their artistic pursuits while ensuring the longevity and promotion of these culturally significant art forms.

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