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Odisha CM launches ‘Ama Pokhari’ scheme to rejuvenate wetlands in urban areas

Bhubaneswar: In a momentous occasion, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik launched the visionary ‘Aam Pokhari’ program on Thursday, focused on the revival and enhancement of urban wetlands across the state.

This pioneering initiative aims to reclaim and transform previously neglected or buried wetlands into vibrant and enchanting spaces. A staggering 2,000 large wetlands spread across 115 urban areas will undergo comprehensive rejuvenation, resulting in the creation of inviting public leisure areas.

The project will be accomplished in collaboration with Mission Shakti, empowering educated young women who have successfully completed their college education. By harnessing the power of nature, this endeavor promises to deliver a greener, more harmonious environment at an economical cost.

Addressing the gathering at the Lok Sabha Bhavan convention hall, Chief Minister Patnaik expressed his deep admiration for the Mission Shakti Maa initiative.

He hailed the mothers of the villages and cities as exemplary symbols of teamwork, acknowledging their tremendous achievements. Overflowing with pride, he confidently proclaimed that the mothers of Mission Shakti would excel as “Jalsaathis” in the pond revitalization program, aspiring to witness the rejuvenated ponds seamlessly integrate into the fabric of urban life.

Recognizing the pivotal role of ponds in our social, cultural, and economic existence, he expressed his hope that the rejuvenated ponds would become integral parts of urban life.

The CM also praised the Metropolitan Corporations of Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, and Berhampur for their resounding success in implementing the pilot project under the pond program.

Urging accelerated progress, he lauded the Department of Housing and Urban Development for their triumphant execution of various programs like Jaga Mission, Drink from Tap, and Mukta. Now, the department adds another feather to its cap with the successful implementation of Ama Pokhari plan.

Usha Devi, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, emphasized that the women of Mission Shakti would now act as guardians of the wetlands through this program.

She highlighted the growing significance of women in driving the development of both urban and rural areas, emphasizing their indispensable contributions.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, the Chief Minister honored Anand Malligavad, the illustrious Chief Advisor of the Aam Pokhari Program. Anand, a former mechanical engineer, devoted his life to the noble cause of wetland preservation. His exceptional skills and unwavering dedication have earned him widespread recognition as the “Lake Man” throughout the country.

The Chief Minister’s gesture of appreciation reflects the deep admiration for Anand’s invaluable expertise in water conservation and his remarkable reputation in the field.

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