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MIFF 2024: Audrius Stonys Emphasizes Reality and Creativity in Documentary Filmmaking

Mumbai: “Nothing is more dramatic than reality; it is interesting in itself. Reality is the only key to making a documentary,” stated Audrius Stonys, renowned film director, producer, and professor at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, during his session ‘Motivating Stories: Originality and Ingenuity’ at the 18th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) today.

Stonys, a Doctor of Arts and recipient of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Award, has garnered international acclaim for his work. His documentary “Earth of the Blind” was recognized by the European Film Academy as the Best European Documentary Film of the Year in 1992. Since 1989, Stonys has created more than 20 internationally recognized creative documentaries and over 400 TV documentaries.

Addressing documentary and film enthusiasts, Stonys emphasized the importance of creativity and uniqueness in filmmaking. He highlighted that reality is the core and key of any documentary. Filmmakers should focus on presenting reality with unique storylines and innovative techniques.

He further elaborated that when a director makes a film about someone’s life, he is, in fact, making a film about himself based on his own life experiences. If the director succeeds in this endeavor, the audience will feel that the film reflects their own lives, thereby touching their emotions deeply.

Stonys also advised filmmakers to convey everything without explicitly stating it in their films. “Every frame of your film should speak. It should impact your life just like music does, irrespective of language,” he added.

The session left a profound impact on the attendees, providing valuable insights into the art of documentary filmmaking and the power of reality in storytelling. MIFF continues to serve as an important platform for filmmakers to share knowledge, inspire creativity, and celebrate the art of cinema.

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