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Indian Navy Takes a Sustainable Leap with CO2-Based Air Conditioning Plant at INS Shivaji

Indian Navy Takes a Sustainable Leap with CO2-Based Air Conditioning Plant at INS Shivaji

New Delhi:  In a pioneering move towards environmental sustainability, Admiral R Hari Kumar, Chief of the Naval Staff, inaugurated a groundbreaking Carbon Dioxide (CO2) based Air Conditioning plant at INS Shivaji on January 17, 2024. This state-of-the-art AC Plant is the first of its kind globally, set to revolutionize onboard air conditioning systems by replacing Hydro Fluro Carbons (HFC) and Hydro Chloro Fluro Carbons (HCFC) with eco-friendly alternatives.

The initiative aligns with India’s commitment to the Kigali Agreement of 2016, aiming to phase down HFC and HCFC-based synthetic refrigerants starting from 2028. The Transcritical CO2 based air conditioning plant at INS Shivaji represents a significant step towards fulfilling this commitment and supports the Indian Navy’s broader initiative to adopt sustainable green alternatives.

Equipped with advanced digital control systems and smart technology integration, the CO2-based air conditioning plant not only ensures environmental conservation but also optimizes manpower utilization. The success of this groundbreaking technology is attributed to a collaborative effort with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, showcasing effective Defense-Academia synergy in introducing futuristic technologies into the Armed Forces.

While the primary purpose is to enhance naval efficiency and align with global efforts to combat climate change, this technology’s success holds the promise of broader applications, potentially influencing the commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration market.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of key dignitaries, including Cmde Mohit Goel (Commanding Officer, INS Shivaji), Prof B Gurumoorthy (CEO, FSID, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore), Mr. Amit Sharma (MD, CEO, Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd), and Mr. Arun Mote (Executive Director, Triveni Turbines Ltd, Bangalore).

This initiative marks a significant stride towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future, showcasing the Indian Navy’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies for a greener tomorrow.

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