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Healthcare Drone Delivery Service Takes Flight in Rayagada

Rayagada: In a pioneering move to address healthcare accessibility challenges in remote tribal areas of Odisha, a special drone delivery service for medicines and vaccines was inaugurated in Rayagada district on Friday.

The program will employ Redwing’s electric hybrid drones to transport medicines and medical equipment to tribal-dominated regions in Rayagada, where traditional healthcare services face logistical hurdles.

The inaugural dispatch featured the delivery of vaccines from the district headquarters hospital (DHH) to the community health center (CHC) at Gudari. Sources indicate that each drone delivery can transport approximately 1.5 kg of medicines and equipment.

Rayagada becomes the second district in Odisha to implement this innovative service, following an experimental launch in Kandhamal. Overseen by USAID and Redwing, the initiative aims to revolutionize healthcare accessibility in challenging terrains.

In the initial phase, drones successfully delivered medicines to Kalyansinghpur and Gudari Hospitals. Following this successful trial, the program is poised to extend its services to various hospitals situated in remote areas of the district.

Trained personnel at the District Headquarters Hospital will operate the drones, ensuring the delivery of a wide range of essential medicines to patients across different hospitals.

Law Minister Jagannath Saraka, while inaugurating the service, emphasized its experimental nature, with plans for a more comprehensive rollout in the future to cater to the essential healthcare needs of patients across the district.

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