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Youths install artificial nests for house sparrow

Once a common bird, the house sparrows are rarely spotted now. However, a few bird lovers across the state are taking steps to help the bird build their nests and chirp again in the neighbourood.

While Rabindranath Sahu has been actively promoting the conservation of House Sparrow in Ganjam districts since 2007 and installing artificial nests in various villages. Similarly, a few youths from Sathee Parivar have installed 50 artificial nests made with bamboo in villages in the Angul district.

“In 2019 we have installed nests made with wooden planks and we noticed a positive response. We observed that house sparrows stayed in those nests and even laid eggs,” shared Subrat Kumar Pradhan, Secretary of Sathee Parivar.

“This year we have installed nests made with bamboo. We came up with the idea of making bamboo nests which would give some income to the bamboo craftsmen. We have placed an order of 100 nests and we are planning to order more nests,” he shared.

In coming days the group would install more such nests in other villages.

“Due to concrete structures house sparrow face difficulties to build their nests which is why they are moving away. We need to put an effort to bring back these birds,” he added.

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