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Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh Emphasizes Regional Resources for Startups in J & K

Srinagar: Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh, addressing the valedictory function of the National StartUp Conference RASE 2024 at NIT Srinagar, emphasized the importance of changing mindsets and leveraging regional resources for the growth of startups in Jammu & Kashmir.

Dr. Singh highlighted the dramatic rise in India’s startup landscape, attributing it to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Start-up India Stand-up India” initiative. From just 350-400 startups a decade ago, India now ranks third globally with 1.5 lakh startups.

He pointed out that in regions like Jammu & Kashmir, government jobs have traditionally been the primary source of employment, influencing the mindset of youth and their parents. Dr. Singh stressed the need for awareness that employment opportunities extend beyond government positions, and startups can offer lucrative alternatives.

Focusing on regional resources, Dr. Singh advocated for agriculture-based startups in J&K, rather than solely IT ventures. He cited the successful “Purple Revolution” of lavender farming, originating from Bhaderwah and Gulmarg, which has gained national attention and inspired similar initiatives in states like Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Dr. Singh also suggested exploring agri startups in floriculture, handcrafted horticulture, and textiles, noting the efforts of the CSIR’s floriculture mission. He underscored the need for collaboration between academia and industry, urging institutions such as CSIR, IIT, IIM, AIIMS, and NIT to join forces for joint startup initiatives.

He reiterated the Ministry of Science and Technology’s commitment to supporting startups and fostering innovation in J&K, emphasizing the role of academic-industry partnerships in achieving sustainable growth.

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