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Sangam Networking Event in Delhi Outlines Digital Twin Solutions for Infrastructure

Delhi: The Sangam Networking Event in Delhi, organized by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and hosted by IIT Delhi on June 18-19, 2024, successfully unveiled comprehensive blueprints for Digital Twin-enabled solutions. These blueprints aim to address contemporary challenges by leveraging diverse data sources, guiding the design and architecture of innovative digital solutions.

The event marked the first Networking Event of the DoT’s Sangam – Digital Twin initiative, drawing over 100 participants, including representatives from leading companies, to discuss digital advancements across various sectors.

Key Discussions and Outputs

The event featured breakout discussions focused on verticals and use cases such as:

  • Multimodal Transport Planning
  • Enhancing Healthcare Access and Service
  • Assessment of Environmental Quality
  • Disaster Response System Management

Additionally, horizontal topics covered included:

  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs)
  • Data Provider and AI Governance Framework
  • Virtual World Creation and Interaction Capabilities
  • Mathematical Modelling and Physics-Based Simulations

Dr. Neeraj Mittal’s Address

Dr. Neeraj Mittal, Secretary of Telecommunications, addressed the participants, emphasizing the initiative’s goal of developing viable projects, securing funding, and demonstrating the feasibility of creating a national-level infrastructure planning tool. “Our goal is to develop viable projects, secure funding, and present them to the government to demonstrate the feasibility of creating an infrastructure planning tool for national-level,” he stated.

Dr. Mittal also highlighted the collaborative spirit fostered by the event, which has set in motion numerous partnerships aimed at generating new ideas, knowledge, and capabilities.

Innovative Collaborations and Future Plans

Participants collaborated to develop innovative, holistic solutions that address economic, social, and environmental factors. Discussions emphasized cross-sectoral data-driven infrastructure, integrating data from diverse sources while ensuring privacy through advanced technologies. The event underscored the importance of AI-driven insights and collaborative environments in solving contemporary challenges.

Looking ahead, additional networking events are planned at:

  • IIT Bombay on June 25-26, 2024
  • PES University, Bangalore on July 3-4, 2024
  • T-Hub, Hyderabad on July 10-11, 2024

DoT encourages all stakeholders to participate in these upcoming events, extending gratitude to all participants and companies for their active engagement. This sets the stage for transformative advancements in digital solutions.

About Sangam

The Sangam initiative aims to revolutionize infrastructure planning and design through cutting-edge technologies and collective intelligence. Since its unveiling, Sangam has garnered significant attention as a collaborative effort to harness technology and collective intelligence for sustainable and efficient infrastructure solutions.

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