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Sabyasachi & Friends hold ration for vaccine camp to ward off vaccine hesitancy

Bhubaneswar: Actor Sabyasachi Mishra and his friends from the US and Odisha conducted a “Ration for Vaccine” campaign at Chandaka on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar today to ward off vaccine hesitancy among local residents.

Their unique effort of removing fear and misconception about vaccine from rural people and encouraging 500 local residents to take the first shot at the camp, has been hailed by one and all. Those people who got inoculated today were provided with ration for one month each.

The actor is the brand ambassador of US-based Odisha Society of the Americas Health and Welfare Group (OSAHWG) that took the initiative with Sparsh Hospital and non-governmental organisation, Smile Please. While the hospital arranged free vaccines and organised the camp at its Kantabada dispensary, the NRO organisation and the NGO helped in arranging free ration.

“We know that vaccination is the best method to fight against covid-19. But there have been vaccine hesitancy among a lot of people due to rumours and misconceptions. That’s why we decided to conduct such camps, where people will be provided with ration for one month for getting vaccinated. We got huge response from today’s event,” said the actor.

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