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Record Production Levels of Iron Ore and Limestone Drive Robust Growth in Mineral Sector

New Delhi: Iron ore and limestone, accounting for approximately 80% of the total MCDR mineral production by value, reached record production levels in FY 2023-24. Iron ore production hit 275 million metric tons (MMT), while limestone production soared to 450 MMT. This remarkable performance continues into FY 2024-25, with provisional figures showing sustained growth.

From April to May 2024, iron ore production increased by 4%, rising from 50 MMT in the same period of the previous year to 52 MMT. Similarly, limestone production grew by 2.6%, climbing from 77 MMT to 79 MMT. The production of manganese ore saw an impressive jump of 16.7%, reaching 0.7 MMT in the first two months of FY 2024-25.

In the non-ferrous metal sector, primary aluminum production exhibited a modest yet significant growth of 1.2%, increasing from 6.90 lakh tons (LT) in April-May 2023 to 6.98 LT in the same period of 2024.

India holds the position of the second-largest aluminum producer, third-largest lime producer, and fourth-largest iron ore producer globally. The continued growth in iron ore and limestone production reflects robust demand in user industries such as steel and cement. The upward trend in aluminum production also signals strong economic activity in sectors like energy, infrastructure, construction, automotive, and machinery.

The steady increase in mineral production highlights the resilience and capacity of India’s mining sector to meet the growing demands of its user industries. This growth trajectory is expected to support and drive forward the country’s economic development, reinforcing its position as a key player in the global minerals market.

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