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Private schools in Arunachal Pradesh allows students to wear their traditional dress every Monday

Itanagar: While a debate is going on across the country over using hijab or orange scarf in schools in Karnataka, private schools in Arunachal Pradesh have decided to let students wear their traditional dress every Monday.

An initiative to promote traditional attire and local weavers, the Arunachal Pradesh Private Schools and Children Welfare Association (APPSCWA) in a meeting with representatives from more than 180 educational institutions took the decision.

There are more than 100 tribes and sub-tribes in Arunachal Pradesh and each tribe has their own traditional attire. 

“A resolution has been adopted to make it mandatory for students to wear their traditional dress to school on Mondays. Many parents have also suggested this,” shared  APPSCWA vice-president Tarh Jhony.

“There are many tribes and sub-tribes in our state. Now students will have the freedom to wear traditional dress from their community once in a week,” he said.

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