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Parliament’s First Session Concludes: Productive Discussions and Debates Marked by High Participation

New Delhi: The First Session of the 18th Lok Sabha and the 264th Session of the Rajya Sabha concluded with significant deliberations and productive outcomes, highlighted by extensive participation and substantial legislative discussions.

The Lok Sabha, which commenced its session on 24th June, 2024, concluded with a sine die adjournment on 2nd July, 2024, while the Rajya Sabha adjourned today, 3rd July, 2024. Addressing the media in New Delhi, Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Kiren Rijiju provided a comprehensive overview of the session’s proceedings.

The initial days of the Lok Sabha session were dedicated to the Oath/Affirmation ceremony of newly elected Members, with a total of 539 out of 542 Members taking the oath. To facilitate this process, Bhartruhari Mehtab was appointed as the Speaker Protem, along with several other dignitaries authorized under Article 99 of the Constitution.

“On 26th June, 2024, Om Birla was elected as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha through a voice vote,” stated Kiren Rijiju. “The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, also introduced his Council of Ministers to the Lok Sabha on the same day.”

The session further witnessed the joint address by the President of India to both Houses of Parliament on 27th June, 2024, under Article 87 of the Constitution. The President outlined the government’s achievements and presented a roadmap for the nation’s future development. Concurrently, the Prime Minister introduced his Council of Ministers to the Rajya Sabha.

The substantive discussions included the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address, scheduled for debate starting 28th June, 2024, in both Houses. In the Lok Sabha, despite interruptions, the debate commenced on 1st July, 2024, initiated by Anurag Thakur, MP, and seconded by Bansuri Swaraj, MP. A total of 68 Members participated in the debate, with more than 50 Members contributing their speeches. The extensive discussion spanned over 18 hours and concluded with the Prime Minister’s reply on 2nd July, 2024, after seven sittings totaling approximately 34 hours and achieving a productivity rate of 105%.

Similarly, in the Rajya Sabha, the Motion of Thanks debate began on 28th June, 2024, initiated by Sudhanshu Trivedi, MP, and seconded by Kavita Patidar, MP. A total of 76 Members actively participated in the debate, which lasted more than 21 hours. Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded to the discussions today, 3rd July, 2024, with the Rajya Sabha achieving a productivity rate exceeding 100%.

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