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Paradip Port Authority Sets New Record with Unprecedented Cargo Handling in FY 2024-25

Paradip: Paradip Port Authority (PPA) has achieved a historic milestone in its operational history, handling an unprecedented 41.12 Million Metric Tons (MMT) of cargo within the first 100 days of the fiscal year 2024-25. This remarkable performance sets a new record for the port, marking a 4.78% growth compared to the 39.25 MMT achieved during the same period in the previous fiscal year, FY 2023-24.

This significant accomplishment underscores the port’s critical role in bolstering India’s maritime infrastructure and its unwavering commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and capacity.

Under the dynamic leadership and visionary guidance of Union Minister for Ports, Shipping, and Waterways, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal, PPA has surpassed its previous benchmarks, showcasing notable growth and efficiency in its operations.

PPA Chairman, P.L. Haranadh, expressed his deep gratitude to the Minister, attributing this monumental success to his unwavering support and strategic direction. “This achievement is a testament to the collective efforts and dedication of our entire team. It also reflects the strategic vision and guidance of Union Minister Shri Sarbananda Sonowal, whose support has been instrumental in our success,” said Haranadh.

The record-breaking performance of Paradip Port Authority highlights its ongoing commitment to setting new benchmarks in cargo handling and contributing significantly to the nation’s economic growth. As PPA continues to expand its capabilities and improve its services, it remains dedicated to supporting India’s maritime infrastructure and fostering economic development.

PPA’s achievement is not just a milestone for the port itself but also a significant indicator of the potential for growth and efficiency in India’s maritime sector. The port’s strategic initiatives and operational excellence are paving the way for enhanced trade and economic prosperity in the region.

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