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Odisha H&UD Minister emphasizes on Urban Infrastructure and Advancements in Drinking Water Supply

Bhubaneswar: In a comprehensive review meeting aimed at assessing the progress of urban transformative initiatives in Odisha, Minister of Housing & Urban Development, Dr. Krushna Chandra Mohapatra, convened a session at the Odisha Urban Academy. The meeting focused on evaluating significant strides in urban development, particularly in enhancing drinking water supply and urban infrastructure across the state.

Dr. Mohapatra engaged with a team of senior officials led by G. Mathivathanan, the Additional Chief Secretary of the Housing & Urban Development Department. The meeting highlighted Odisha’s pioneering efforts in the urban drinking water sector, notably through the successful implementation of the Drink From Tap Mission. This initiative has not only revolutionized urban water supply systems but has also set a national benchmark by ensuring citizens access high-quality, potable water directly from their taps.

G. Mathivathanan emphasized the pivotal role of the Odisha Urban Academy in enhancing the capacities of various stakeholders involved in urban development. He underscored the academy’s significance as a national institution contributing to training and empowering officials and workers engaged in urban projects statewide.

The meeting included detailed presentations and discussions on the broader impacts and future plans for urban development in Odisha. Officials elaborated on ongoing initiatives and their outcomes, illustrating the state’s commitment to improving urban infrastructure and enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

Key officials present at the review meeting included PK Swain, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Water Corporation of Odisha (WATCO); Sarada Panda, Director of the State Urban Development Agency (SUDA) and Additional Secretary in the Housing & Urban Development Department; Dr. Santanu Rath, Director of the Odisha Urban Academy (OUA), and other senior officials from relevant departments.

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