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Odisha Government Greenlights Bhubaneswar Metro Rail Project Phase-I

Bhubaneswar: In a significant move towards bolstering the state’s infrastructure, the Odisha Government has approved the commencement of Phase-I of the Bhubaneswar Metro Rail Project. This transformative initiative, encompassing the stretch from Bhubaneswar Airport to Trisulia Square, aims to enhance transportation facilities for the public in the regions of Bhubaneswar, Khordha, Cuttack, and Puri.

The Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik, has sanctioned the engagement of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited as a turn-key consultant, further solidifying the commitment to the successful execution of Phase-I.

The initiation of the Metro Rail System aligns with the 5T initiative, a comprehensive framework covering technology, transparency, teamwork, and time, introduced on April 1, 2023, to uplift the infrastructure of the Capital Region.

Key Highlights of Bhubaneswar Metro Rail Project Phase-I:

Project Length: The Phase-I of the project spans a length of 26 km, connecting Bhubaneswar Airport to Trisulia Square.

Metro Stations: A total of 20 Metro stations will be strategically located, including prominent hubs such as Capital Hospital, Rajmahal Square, Vani Vihar Square, Jaydev Vihar Square, and Patia Square.

Infrastructure Design: The Metro rail tracks and stations will be elevated on viaducts, ensuring efficiency and smooth connectivity.

Coaches: The project will deploy ultra-modern coaches, contributing to a comfortable and contemporary commuting experience.

Technological Advancements: Advanced ticketing and signaling systems will be adopted, streamlining the overall operations of the Metro Rail Project.

The estimated cost for the first phase of this mega project is Rs 5,929.38 crore, with a targeted completion timeline of four years. This initiative is poised not only to redefine the transportation landscape of the region but also to significantly contribute to the state’s economic and infrastructural development.

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