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Odisha CM Launches Cyber Safety Campaign, flags off 34 awareness vehicles

Bhubaneswar: As cyber threats continue to loom large in an increasingly digital world, Odisha’s Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik, has taken a proactive stance by launching a 15-day statewide awareness campaign.

This initiative aims to educate and sensitize the public about the multifaceted aspects of cybercrime, empowering citizens to protect themselves in the virtual realm. With 34 specially equipped vehicles as harbingers of knowledge, the campaign seeks to disseminate crucial information on cyber security and promote responsible online behaviour.

“Cybercrime has become a prevalent issue nationwide, including in Odisha. Through awareness and preventive measures, we can significantly reduce online criminal activities. This campaign aims to educate people about cyber threats and emphasize the need for vigilance and caution,” remarked Naveen in a written statement.

As part of the campaign, mobile units will broadcast audio-video messages in areas like bus stands, markets, local markets, block and panchayat offices, and other public gathering spots. Additionally, door-to-door outreach initiatives will be conducted by Mission Shakti members, anganwadi workers, and Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) in various blocks.

The initiative also encourages professionals from IT companies in Bhubaneswar to actively participate in raising awareness in their home districts. Furthermore, students and professionals are invited to register as cyber volunteers. An online competition will be held in districts, focusing on creating the best cyber safety message template, video, and picture collage from October 2 to 11.

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