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Odisha Approves Green Energy Transmission Corridor to Boost Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Bhubaneswar: In a significant stride towards enhancing its renewable energy capacity, Odisha has greenlit the construction of a Green Energy Evacuation Transmission Corridor under the Chief Minister’s Power Development Programme (CMPDP). The corridor, proposed by the State Transmission Utility (STU), Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Limited (OPTCL), aims to facilitate the evacuation of power from prospective generating stations to load centers, supporting the state’s ambitious Odisha Renewable Energy Policy, 2022.

The policy, aligned with the Ministry of Power’s Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) trajectory, strives to generate 50% of electricity from non-fossil sources. Given Odisha’s status as one of the leading industrialized states, the demand for renewable energy (RE) is on the rise and is anticipated to grow further in the coming years. The state government’s progressive Odisha Renewable Energy Policy, 2022, envisions adding approximately 11,000 MW of RE capacity to the state’s energy mix.

To meet the increasing RE demand and facilitate power evacuation, OPTCL has proposed the construction of grid sub-stations and associated transmission lines as part of the Green Energy Evacuation Transmission Corridor. The corridor, falling under the CMPDP’s Umbrella Scheme, aims to create essential infrastructure for the evacuation of power from projects like the 600 MW Pumped Storage Project (PSP) at Indravati and the 50 MW solar plant at Manmunda.

These projects are crucial for transmitting RE power to meet the demands of upcoming green hydrogen and ammonia industries at Gopalpur. The estimated cost of the proposed projects is Rs. 1345 Crores, with the state government providing Rs. 641.5 Crores as equity support and the remaining Rs. 703.5 Crores arranged by OPTCL.

Recognizing the strategic importance of these projects in advancing renewable energy generation and usage in the state, the Cabinet has approved the creation of transmission infrastructure by OPTCL through the Green Energy Evacuation Transmission Corridor. The implementation is set to span a period of five years, commencing from the fiscal year 2023-24. This initiative is expected to bolster Odisha’s commitment to a sustainable and greener energy future.

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