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Ministry of Coal Ensures Record High Coal Stocks at Thermal Power Plants Amid Peak Demand

New Delhi: The Ministry of Coal (MoC) has achieved an unprecedented milestone by maintaining the highest ever coal stocks at thermal power plants, ensuring a consistent power supply across the nation during the peak demand period. As of June 16, 2024, coal stocks at thermal power plants exceeded 45 million tonnes (MT), a remarkable 31.71% increase compared to the same period last year, when the stock was 34.25 MT.

This achievement comes amid a 7.30% rise in coal-based power demand in the current fiscal year compared to the same period last year, marking the highest ever demand for coal. The Ministry of Coal attributes this success to enhanced production, efficient logistics management, and seamless inter-agency coordination.

Cumulative coal production as of June 16, 2024, stands at 207.48 MT, reflecting a 9.27% growth from the previous year’s 189.87 MT. Coal India Limited (CIL) contributed significantly with a production of 160.25 MT, marking a 7.28% increase from 149.38 MT last year. Additionally, coal production from captive and commercial mines reached 33 MT, showcasing a robust 27% growth from the corresponding period last year.

Coal dispatches have also seen substantial growth, with cumulative dispatches reaching 220.31 MT, a 7.65% increase from last year’s 204.65 MT. CIL recorded 166.58 MT in dispatches, growing by over 4% from the previous year’s 158.91 MT. Dispatches from captive and commercial mines were recorded at 39.45 MT, reflecting a 30% growth. Dispatch to the power sector stood at 180.35 MT, marking a 5.71% increase from 170.61 MT last year.

The remarkable achievement in coal stock levels and dispatches is attributed to efficient logistical arrangements and a robust supply chain. A dedicated Sub-Group, comprising representatives from the Ministry of Power, Ministry of Coal, Ministry of Railways, and power-generating companies, has played a crucial role in maintaining this efficient supply chain.

The overall coal stock in the country, including mines, transit, and power plants, is over 144.68 MT, ensuring an ample supply to the power sector. The Ministry of Railways has supported this effort by ensuring a 10% average growth in the daily availability of railway rakes, with an average of 428.40 rakes supplied daily as of June 16, 2024. Additionally, coastal shipping for coal evacuation has seen significant growth. Traditionally transported via Paradip port, coal is now also being evacuated through Dhamra and Gangavaram ports, under coordinated efforts aligned with the coal logistics policy.

Infrastructural improvements, particularly in the railway network, have significantly enhanced coal transportation. The improved movement of rakes from Son Nagar to Dadri has resulted in more than a 100% improvement in turnaround time, further bolstering the efficiency of coal supply.

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