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KAMP's Exemplary Teacher Training Program Advances Science Education Beyond Textbooks

KAMP’s Exemplary Teacher Training Program Advances Science Education Beyond Textbooks


New Delhi:  In a commendable initiative aimed at elevating the quality of science education, the Knowledge Advancement and Management Program (KAMP) hosted its fifth Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program in collaboration with the CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (CSIR-NML) on February 27. The program, centered around the theme ‘Fostering Experiential Learning in Science Education, Beyond the Textbook’, drew the participation of more than 150 educators from diverse schools nationwide.

The CPD program provided a platform for teachers to engage in enriching training sessions led by esteemed scientists, including Dr. Sandip Ghosh Chowdhury, Dr. K. Gopala Krishna, and Dr. Animesh Jana from CSIR-NML. The distinguished speakers shed light on various aspects of science education, emphasizing innovative approaches to enhance the learning experience.

During the sessions, the scientists shared insights into CSIR-NML’s pivotal research areas, spanning materials, minerals, and national priorities. They underscored the effective management of primary and secondary resources, presenting a holistic view of the institute’s contributions to scientific advancements in India.

The speakers’ presentations went beyond theoretical discussions, incorporating hands-on examples to elucidate key concepts. The educators were treated to a deep dive into the realms of primary colors, electromagnetic induction, and the fascinating world of contactless electricity transport. This multi-faceted approach not only expanded teachers’ knowledge but also provided practical tools to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment for their students.

Expressing gratitude to the speakers and participants, Mr. Aniket Arora, Outreach Coordinator at KAMP, highlighted the significance of such events in fostering a passion for science among both educators and students. He emphasized KAMP’s belief that experiential learning is pivotal in cultivating a profound understanding of science and other developments in India.

Looking ahead, Arora informed the teachers about upcoming activities, including online Knowledge Sharing Sessions, Scientific Excursions for students, and Continuous Professional Development opportunities. These initiatives aim to provide educators and students with firsthand experiences in various scientific disciplines, fostering a deeper connection with real-world applications at renowned CSIR laboratories and research organizations across India.

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