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India and Germany Strengthen Defence Ties Through High-Level Committee Meeting

India and Germany Strengthen Defence Ties Through High-Level Committee Meeting


Berlin:  In a significant step towards bolstering bilateral ties in the realm of defence and security, Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane co-chaired the India-Germany High Defence Committee (HDC) meeting in Berlin today, alongside Benedikt Zimmer, the State Secretary of the German Ministry of Defence.

The meeting, which took place on February 27, 2024, delved into a wide array of issues, underscoring the commitment of both nations to fortify their defence cooperation as a cornerstone of the Strategic Partnership between India and Germany.

Discussions spanned the regional security scenario, exploring potential joint exercises in the Indo-Pacific region. The leaders also delved into various defence industrial projects and proposals, emphasizing the importance of fostering a closer defence partnership and aligning the defence industries of both nations.

A key focal point of the discussions was the collaboration in high technology within the defence sector. Both nations recognized the mutual benefits that could arise from sharing expertise and resources in this domain.

The HDC meeting follows the visit of German Federal Minister of Defence Boris Pistorius to India in 2023, underlining the ongoing commitment of both nations to engage in meaningful dialogues and initiatives.

Giridhar Aramane continued his engagements in Berlin by interacting with the German Institute of International and Security Affairs (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik – SWP), a prominent think tank. This provided an opportunity for the Defence Secretary to delve into broader geopolitical and security discussions, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of global challenges.

The outcomes of the HDC meeting and subsequent engagements are anticipated to pave the way for deeper cooperation and collaboration between India and Germany in the defence and security realms, further solidifying their strategic partnership.

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