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Election Commission of India Engages in Crucial Discussions on Odisha’s Election Preparedness

Bhubaneswar: The Election Commission of India commenced its vital discussions with representatives of various political parties in Bhubaneswar on the first day of their visit to Odisha. The primary aim of these deliberations was to conduct an in-depth review of the state’s election preparedness and cultivate cooperation among all key stakeholders.

At the outset, the Commission actively sought the views and concerns of representatives from both national and regional political parties. The focus was on encouraging active cooperation to uphold the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) both in letter and spirit, ensuring a seamless electoral process. Each political party was given ample opportunity for a patient hearing, allowing them to express their perspectives and concerns to the Commission.

Following these discussions, the Commission, along with its delegation, engaged in detailed talks with District Collectors-cum-District Election Officers and other officials responsible for election management across the state. Various aspects, including the readiness of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), voter demographics, the training status of election staff, and infrastructure setup at polling booths, were assessed during the meeting. High-ranking police officers in the state were also part of the discussions to ensure comprehensive preparedness.

The high-level delegation included Chief Election Commissioner Shri Kumar, Election Commissioner of India, Mr. Arun Goel, Senior Deputy Election Commissioners Mr. Dharmendra Sharma and Mr. Nitesh Vyas, Deputy Election Commissioner Mr. Manoj Kumar Sahu, and Director-General of Media Mr. B. Narayanan. Chief Electoral Officer of Odisha & Additional Chief Secretary to the Government Shri Nikunja Bihari Dhal and Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr. N. Thirumala Naik also actively participated in the review meeting.

The Election Commission’s visit and these deliberations underscore the commitment to ensuring a transparent, efficient, and fair electoral process in Odisha, with active involvement and collaboration from all stakeholders.

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