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Director Nemil Shah Inspires Filmmakers at 18th Mumbai International Film Festival Masterclass

Mumbai: “Human life is nothing but an intriguing game, an enigma filled with emotions and events. Let’s embrace and explore it to create something unique and appealing,” stated Director Nemil Shah at a masterclass held alongside the 18th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) today. The young and dynamic filmmaker shared his insights, emphasizing the profound importance of thoroughly understanding one’s creation.

“As a creator, you need to understand and realize your creation to the fullest before you can proceed,” Shah asserted, urging filmmakers to delve deeply into their artistic processes. He highlighted the necessity of a deep connection with one’s work to ensure authenticity and impact.

Shah underscored the critical role of sound in short filmmaking, encouraging filmmakers to focus on the auditory aspects of their work. “Hear yourself, be aware of the sound around you. Creating sound for a short film is an art,” he added, emphasizing that sound can significantly enhance the overall impact of a film.

The National Award-winning director spoke passionately about the art of short filmmaking, urging filmmakers to create films that resonate with their hearts without being constrained by limitations such as space, time, logistics, and audience. “Create passionate films for yourself; they will find their destiny eventually. Focus more on creative elements rather than non-creative issues,” he advised.

Addressing common hindrances like funding and logistics, Shah reassured attendees that excellent short films can be made even with minimal resources. “With the technological advancements, these days one can make a very good short film with a mobile and a few minimal accessories and lens,” he opined, encouraging filmmakers to leverage modern technology to overcome budgetary constraints.

Shah also advised filmmakers not to treat short films merely as a stepping stone to feature films or as a constrained art form. “Just portray your observation of life and society in your way through your art. Go with proper planning and keep on trying,” he suggested, emphasizing the importance of proper planning and relentless perseverance in the creative process.

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