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Covid Care Centre By Gram Vikas, A Boon for Migrants in Kalahandi

A COVID care centre set up by Gram Vikas in Kalahandi district has been helping in improving local healthcare infrastructures in the region. The 50 bed Covid care centre set in the Gram Vikas Shikshya Niketan, a Gram Vikas residential school in Kumudabahal village of Thuamul Rampur block is being accessed by people from villages in and around the block.

Since 17 May, the center has so far hosted 137 migrant workers who returned from other states, currently hosts 39 migrant workers and their families who returned from Telengana are staying in the centre. 

“All the migrant workers coming to Kalahandi undergo screening for COVID-19 symptoms. Rapid antigen tests are conducted on the day they arrive at the centre. If anyone shows symptoms, then they are supported to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Asymptomatic people spend seven days in quarantine at the centre. I check on them daily and make sure that they are comfortable”, said Bhawani Shankar Dash, Gram Vikas District Manager.

The local ANM and ASHA workers visit the Centre daily in the morning and evening to check temperature and monitor the oxygen levels of the people. One doctor from the Thuamul Rampur Community Health Centre (CHC) also visits once every two days.

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