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BMC Deploys Gambusia fish to Combat Malaria and Dengue

Bhubaneswar: With reports of dengue cases emerging in various areas of the city, in a proactive measure to curb the proliferation of malaria and dengue, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has released Western Gambusia fish into four significant drains across the capital city.

The decision to introduce Gambusia fish into water bodies was carried out after the identification of 175 potential mosquito breeding spots by BMC’s Health inspectors. Acknowledging the urgency to combat vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue, the BMC opted for the deployment of Gambusia fish, also known as mosquitofish. These fish species play a vital role in mosquito larvae control, effectively disrupting the breeding process.

Initially they released the fish in a drain located in Ward 55, situated behind the old BMC office. Later the municipal officials strategically released the fish in Drain 10 behind Maharshi College in Sahid Nagar, a drain in front of Mancheswar police station, and another at Nandan Vihar of Patia in the city.

This proactive initiative aligns with the BMC’s commitment to public health and underscores the importance of environmentally friendly methods in controlling mosquito-borne diseases. The Gambusia fish, by preying on mosquito larvae, acts as a natural and sustainable solution in the fight against malaria and dengue.

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