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147 Hospitals in Odisha to be transformed under 5T initiative ‘Ama Hospital’

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government has selected 147 hospitals for upgradation and transformation in the first phase under the 5T initiative ‘Ama Hospital’ by October this year.

A notification has been issued on Wednesday by the Health and Family Welfare department to all Collector-cum-District Magistrates for its implementation with the assistance of the District Level Committee (DLC).

The notification said that the Collector-cum-District Magistrates will implement the scheme with the assistance of the District Level Committee (DLC) which will develop the estimates through the experts of the line department.

The estimates are to be discussed in the DLC and approval from Collector is to be obtained. The DLC will select the implementing agency by following the due procedure prescribed in OPWD Code and OGFR. The DLC will also monitor the progress of the activities under the scheme ‘Ama Hospital’.

The notification read that collectors will accord A/A for civil works up to Rs 4 crore for non-residential works and approve the procurement of goods up to Rs 25 lakh. In case the value of works and goods exceeds the above financial limit, approval from DHS needs to be obtained. The procurement of equipment is to be made following government norms. The funds will be released in favour of the implementing agencies by the office of the Collector.

Funds for implementation of the scheme will be provided out of the state Budget both under Capital Head and Revenue Head which will be placed with district Collectors of Non-OMF districts. The districts having access to DMF and OMBADC funds will tap these sources of funding for the implementation of the ‘Ama Hospital’ Scheme in their districts. In case of any shortfall, the same is to be informed to H&FW Department for funding out of state Budget.

The district office will maintain all the records relating to the implementation of the scheme for audit and furnish utilisation certificate to the H&FW department for appraisal and record, it added.

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