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Special Heritage Walk for Visually Impaired Students

Bhubaneswar: A heritage access event for visually impaired students was organised at the heritage monument sites of the old town in Bhubaneswar on Sunday.

An initiative by Sahapedia and Centre for Youth and Social Welfare (CYSW), where visually impaired students got direct experience of the architectural marvel of Kalinga architecture through ‘Touch’.

Students visited the Mukteshwar temple, Parshurameswar temple and learnt about the cultural, religious and historical importance pertaining to the temple tradition of Odisha.

“To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, such educational visits are very important for the students,” said Nituranjan Dash, General secretary.

The world needs to be more accessible in the field of education, culture and society as well.

“There is a world without our imagination. Today I got an advantage to visit these places. Its an amazing experience for me,” shared one of the students.

Stating that students face difficulties due to unavailability of information on the temple walls and proper tactile paths in the sites, they also urged to implement equal opportunity policy in the protected sites under the Archaeological Survay India.

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