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Sec 144 imposed at Deomali Hills of Koraput

Koraput: Given the damages caused to the environment and government properties by some irresponsible tourists, the district administration on Tuesday imposed Section 144 of CrPC at Deomali hills in Pottangi tehsil of Koraput district.

As per the order issued by the District Magistrate Abdaal M Akhtar, the entry of all unauthorized tourists and outsiders has been prohibited from 9 pm to 8 am from today onwards unless specifically permitted.

The prohibitory order will remain effective for 60 days.

“Any person found violating the order shall be liable to be proceeded against as per section 15 of Environment Protection Act, 1986, besides legal action under Section 188 of Indian Penal Code (IPC), 1860 and other provisions as applicable” the notice read.

However, the order shall not apply to executive magistrates, police personnel, and other public servants on duty.

The decision was taken to protect the natural environment and ecology of the areas after it was found that the night campers were lit in non-designated places.

Stating that tourists in India lack a sense of responsibility, Jitu Mishra, co-founder of Sarna Educational & Cultural Services said, “Only a few Indian tourists behave responsibly towards a tourists destination. While most of the tourists don’t bother about maintaining the beauty of the place by not disposing garbage here and there.  Deomali is a beautiful place but now we can see trash being dumped everywhere by tourists. When we visit such places we want to be with nature.”

Supporting the government move, he said, “Government has to take strong actions against such tourists. Only imposing Sec 144 during only night time won’t solve the problem. I think they should impose fines as well.”

“It has to be the collective responsibility of individuals, Government, Non-government Organisations and local communities. We have to come together and put all our effort to protect such beautiful places being destroyed by irresponsible people,” he added.

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