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Odisha Health Department Mandates Credential Verification for Doctors in PPP Services

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to ensure the quality and safety of healthcare services provided under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives, the Odisha Health and Family Welfare Department issued a notice on Monday mandating the verification of credentials for doctors and specialists engaged in various PPP services.

The notification highlighted that numerous services, including dialysis, CT scans, MRIs, laboratory services, and the management of Primary Health Centers (PHCs) and Urban Primary Health Centers (UPHCs), are currently operational in districts under the PPP model. Contract documents for these services have been shared with district authorities to facilitate proper monitoring and payment processes.

According to the notice, it is the responsibility of the respective service providers to deploy doctors or paramedics with the required qualifications as outlined in the scope of their PPP contracts. To ensure that only appropriately qualified personnel are engaged, the credentials of deployed doctors and specialists must be thoroughly checked throughout the contract tenure.

All Chief District Medical and Public Health Officers (CDM&PHOs) and Directors have been instructed to verify the credentials of doctors and specialists employed by agencies providing PPP services. These officers must submit compliance reports to the department within a week.

During the verification process, doctors and specialists are required to be physically present along with their credential documents, which will be examined by the CDM&PHO and the Director of the concerned health institution.

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