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Odisha CM Grants 25 Days Annual Temporary Leave for Women Employees

Bhubaneswar: In a progressive move to address the unique needs and responsibilities of women employees, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik of Odisha has announced an annual temporary leave of 25 days for women working across various departments of the state government.

Traditionally, government employees are entitled to 15 days of temporary leave. However, Chief Minister Patnaik has approved an additional 10 days of leave exclusively for women government employees. This decision aims to offer women employees a total of 25 days of casual leave in a calendar year.

The Chief Minister’s thoughtful decision reflects a keen understanding of the challenges and family responsibilities faced by women in the workforce. By extending this special provision, the government acknowledges the importance of promoting work-life balance and supporting women in managing their personal and professional commitments effectively.

Notably, Odisha has a history of taking pioneering steps to empower women in the workforce. The state was the first in the country to implement significant measures, such as reserving 33% of government jobs for women in the 1990s. Chief Minister Patnaik’s recent announcement continues this legacy of progressive policies aimed at fostering inclusivity and gender equality in the workplace.

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