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CM Patnaik Enhances Gratuity and Allowances for Panchayati Raj Representatives

Bhubaneswar:  Recognizing and enhancing the contributions of Panchayati Raj representatives, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has announced substantial increases in gratuity and allowances for these elected officials across the state.

As per the new decision, the district council presidents will witness a considerable boost in their monthly bonus, increasing from Rs 9,380 to Rs 30,000. Additionally, their Daily Allowance (DA) and Sitting Fee have been raised from Rs 300 to Rs 600. District Council Vice-Presidents will now receive a monthly remuneration of Rs 20,000, up from Rs 7,040, and their DA+Sitting Fee has also been doubled to Rs 600. District council members, who were receiving Rs 3,530, will now enjoy a monthly bonus of Rs 10,000, along with an increase in their DA+Sitting Fee from Rs 300 to Rs 600.

Similarly, Panchayat Samiti chairpersons will witness a rise in their monthly remuneration from Rs 35,300 to Rs 15,000. Panchayat Samiti vice-presidents and members will also experience increases in their bonuses, from Rs 2,350 to Rs 7,005. For Sarpanchs, the monthly remuneration has been increased to Rs 10,000 from the previous Rs 2,350, while Naib Sarpanchs will now receive Rs 4,000, up from Rs 940. The DA+Sitting Fee for various positions has been doubled, going from Rs 240 to Rs 480.

It’s noteworthy that the state government had initially allocated Rs 79.88 crore for the remuneration and allowances of Panchayati Raj representatives. However, with the increased amounts, the revised expenditure is estimated to be Rs 242.56 crores, indicating an additional cost of Rs 162.68 crores to the state government.

Moreover, in the case of separation during the tenure of Panchayati Raj representatives, the government will provide Rs 2 lakh. Complete disability, defined as irrecoverable loss of both eyes, hands, and feet, will be compensated with Rs 2 lakh, while partial disability (irrecoverable loss of one eye, one hand, or one leg) will receive assistance of Rs 1 lakh.

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