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Odisha Government Collaborates with ISB for Chief Minister’s Skill Development Fellowship Program

Bhubaneswar: In a move towards advancing skill development initiatives, the Odisha Government has joined hands with the Indian School of Business (ISB) for the Chief Minister’s Skill Development Fellowship (CMSDF) program. This strategic partnership positions ISB as the capacity development and knowledge partner for the fellowship.

Under this collaboration, ISB will play a pivotal role in training the selected fellows, acquainting them with the core tenets of public policy and skill development. The training aims to equip the fellows with a comprehensive understanding of the essential requirements of their roles, fostering a robust skill development ecosystem in the state.

The Chief Minister’s Skill Development Fellowship (CMSDF) is an integral initiative of the Skill Development & Technical Education Department, Government of Odisha. It serves as a platform for young professionals to actively contribute to the transformational journey of Skilled-in-Odisha, a comprehensive skill development program.

The fellowship’s primary objective is to bolster the decentralized skilling mandate of the government by reinforcing the District Skill Development Missions across all districts in Odisha. Through targeted training and exposure to key policy aspects, the CMSDF seeks to empower young professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to drive impactful changes in the skilling landscape of the state.

The collaboration with ISB signifies a commitment to leveraging the expertise and resources of a premier educational institution to enhance the effectiveness of skill development initiatives. By bringing together academic excellence and practical insights, the Odisha Government aims to create a cadre of skilled professionals capable of contributing significantly to the state’s skill development goals.

The Chief Minister’s Skill Development Fellowship program, coupled with ISB’s expertise, marks a crucial step forward in Odisha’s mission to nurture a skilled workforce and foster sustainable development across the region.

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