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Minister George Kurian Reviews CIFNET’s Activities, Emphasizes Safety Measures for Fishermen

Kochi: Minister of State for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying and Minister of State for Minority Affairs, Government of India, George Kurian, undertook a comprehensive review of the activities and facilities at the Central Institute of Fisheries Nautical and Engineering Training (CIFNET) in Kochi today. The visit aimed to assess CIFNET’s operational capabilities and explore avenues for further enhancing training and safety measures for fishermen.

During his visit, Minister George Kurian toured various divisions of CIFNET, including the Fishing Gear Hall, RT Station, computer lab, Navigation Simulator Lab, Library, Seamanship Navigation Lab, Biology Lab, and Marine Engineering Lab. He was provided with a detailed overview of CIFNET’s activities by M. Habibullah, the Director of CIFNET.

A highlight of the visit was a demonstration showcasing the institute’s capabilities, including real-time communication (RT) with CIFNET Fishing Vessels. Minister Kurian was briefed on the significance of RT communication in enhancing the safety and efficiency of fishing operations, particularly in ensuring prompt responses to emergencies at sea.

The Minister also received insights into various initiatives undertaken by the Government of India aimed at safeguarding fishermen. These initiatives include the development and deployment of transponders for two-way communication, which have been developed indigenously by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The transponders play a crucial role in enabling seamless communication between fishing vessels and coastal authorities, thereby enhancing maritime safety.

Expressing satisfaction with CIFNET’s infrastructure and training facilities, Minister George Kurian underscored the importance of continuous skill development among fishermen to equip them with the latest techniques and safety protocols. He emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring the welfare and security of fishermen, who play a vital role in India’s coastal economy.

Minister Kurian’s visit to CIFNET reaffirms the government’s proactive approach towards enhancing the capabilities of fisheries and marine sectors, aligning with broader objectives of sustainable development and livelihood enhancement for coastal communities.

The Minister was accompanied by senior officials from CIFNET and other relevant departments during his insightful visit, reflecting the collaborative efforts towards strengthening India’s fisheries and maritime sectors.

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