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Indian Railways Achieves Significant Growth in Freight Loading and Revenue in June 2024

New Delhi: Indian Railways has recorded impressive growth in freight loading and revenue for June 2024, continuing its upward trajectory and solidifying its role as a key player in the nation’s logistics and transportation sector.

During June 2024, Indian Railways achieved originating freight loading of 135.46 million tonnes (MT), a significant increase from the 123.06 MT recorded in June 2023. This marks an approximate improvement of 10.07% year-on-year. The corresponding freight revenue also saw a robust rise, reaching Rs. 14,798.11 crores, up from Rs. 13,316.81 crores in June 2023, reflecting an increase of about 11.12%.

The breakdown of freight loading for June 2024 is as follows:

  • Coal (excluding imported coal): 60.27 MT
  • Imported coal: 8.82 MT
  • Iron Ore: 15.07 MT
  • Pig Iron and Finished Steel: 5.36 MT
  • Cement (excluding Clinker): 7.56 MT
  • Clinker: 5.28 MT
  • Foodgrains: 4.21 MT
  • Fertilizers: 5.30 MT
  • Mineral Oil: 4.18 MT
  • Containers: 6.97 MT
  • Balance Other Goods: 10.06 MT

The remarkable performance is attributed to Indian Railways’ strategic initiative “Hungry For Cargo,” aimed at improving the ease of doing business and enhancing service delivery at competitive prices. The concerted efforts to adopt a customer-centric approach, along with the proactive measures by Business Development Units and dynamic policy-making, have been pivotal in achieving these results.

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