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Western Odisha Development Council Unveils User-Friendly Website for Enhanced Access to Development Information

Bhubaneswar: The Western Odisha Development Council (WODC) has taken a leap into the digital realm with the launch of its new website, a user-friendly portal designed to provide seamless access to crucial development information. The inauguration ceremony was led by Shri Asit Tripathy, Chairman of WODC, marking a significant step towards fostering transparency and communication.

To explore the new portal, users can visit after clearing their browser cache and history, ensuring a smooth and efficient browsing experience. The website aims to serve as a comprehensive repository of information related to the Western Odisha Development Council, offering insights into project completion, implementation status, budget details, success stories, and more.

The WODC, under the leadership of Chairman Shri Asit Tripathy, has been actively contributing to the development of 11 districts in Western Odisha. The new website is envisioned as a dynamic platform to keep the public informed about the council’s initiatives and achievements. With a budget allocation of Rs 500 crore for the financial year 2024-25, as announced in the recent state budget, the council is poised for impactful development projects.

The website launch event witnessed the presence of key officials, including Dr. Ajit Kumar Mishra, CEO, and Shri Sunil Kumar Naik, Technical Consultant, who shared the vision of leveraging technology for efficient governance. The portal will facilitate access to information on various projects, their detailed execution, and the overall progress made in Western Odisha under the council’s purview.

This digital initiative aligns with the commitment of the Western Odisha Development Council to promote industrial development, agricultural prosperity, restoration of historical sites, beautification of tourist spots, construction of cement concrete (CC) roads in rural areas, and the development of modern multipurpose auditoriums in cities. The website is expected to serve as a vital link between the council and the public, fostering transparency and engagement in the development journey of Western Odisha.

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