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Odisha Chief Minister Announces Substantial Increase in ASHA Workers’ Remuneration

Bhubaneswar: In a significant move towards recognizing the invaluable contribution of ASHA workers, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik announced a substantial increase in their monthly remuneration. The announcement, aimed at acknowledging the dedicated efforts of ASHA workers in the state, also includes a boost in the termination incentive amount, benefiting a total of 49,522 ASHA workers.

Previously receiving Rs 4,500 per month, ASHA workers will now be entitled to a monthly remuneration of Rs 7,000. Additionally, the termination incentive amount has been raised from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh. This decision, marking a substantial increment in the financial benefits for ASHA workers, reflects the state government’s commitment to the welfare of healthcare frontline workers.

During the district visits of VK Pandian, Chairman of 5T and Naveen Odisha, ASHA workers and their associations had the opportunity to meet and interact with him. Recognizing their pivotal role in healthcare, the ASHA workers presented requests and proposals for an increase in their remuneration.

The state government’s annual expenditure on ASHA worker remuneration was previously Rs 59.43 crore, but with the revised structure, it will now reach Rs 208 crore. Additionally, the government will bear the expenditure of Rs 55 lakh as service interruption assistance.

ASHA workers play a crucial role in supporting pregnant women and ensuring safe deliveries in the state. Their efforts extend to creating awareness about various government schemes for pregnant and postpartum women. Moreover, ASHA workers have been instrumental in the successful implementation of vaccination programs and promoting institutional deliveries.

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