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Union Minister R. K. Singh Chairs Meeting on Green Hydrogen in Transport Sector

Union Minister R. K. Singh Chairs Meeting on Green Hydrogen in Transport Sector

New Delhi: Union Minister for Power and New and Renewable Energy, Shri R. K. Singh, presided over a meeting with government and industry stakeholders from the transport sector at Atal Akshay Urja Bhawan, New Delhi. The primary agenda of the discussions was to delve into pilot projects within the scope of the National Green Hydrogen Mission.

The point of discussion was centred around

  1. Focus on National Green Hydrogen Mission: The meeting concentrated on pilot projects in the transport sector that align with the National Green Hydrogen Mission, emphasizing India’s commitment to energy transition and the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) commitment to reduce emissions intensity.
  2. Role of Transport Sector: Shri R. K. Singh underscored the pivotal role of the transport sector in achieving NDC targets. He highlighted the potential of Green Hydrogen in heavy-duty mobility applications, specifically in trucks and buses deploying both fuel cell and internal combustion engine technologies.
  3. Trials and Roadmap: The Minister called for a series of trials to identify the potential of green hydrogen in the transport sector. He emphasized the need for a national roadmap to decarbonize the sector through the use of green hydrogen, with a comprehensive comparison between hydrogen-powered vehicles and battery-electric vehicles, particularly in heavy-duty applications.
  4. Indigenous Technology Development: Shri Singh emphasized the development of indigenous technology to integrate hydrogen into the transport sector. Ongoing trials of hydrogen-powered vehicles, including H2 ICE trucks and H2 fuel cell buses, were discussed, focusing on efficient fund utilization to expedite pilot projects.
  5. Industry Concerns: Industry representatives expressed concerns about the higher costs associated with green hydrogen, fuel cells, and hydrogen storage cylinders. The Minister assured that costs would naturally decrease with scaling up and the development of indigenous manufacturing.
  6. Future Commitments: The Minister urged concerted efforts for market development and identification of areas requiring further development. He affirmed the government’s readiness to allocate additional funds beyond the already earmarked Rs. 496 crores for the transport sector under the National Green Hydrogen Mission, if necessary.

The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to advancing hydrogen-powered vehicles and fostering sustainable solutions in the transport sector, aligning with India’s NDC targets.

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