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Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan Commends Graduates at VIPS Technical Campus Convocation

New Delhi: Union Minister of Education and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, graced the convocation ceremony of the Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies-Technical Campus in New Delhi today. In his address to the graduating students, he extended heartfelt congratulations, emphasizing the high expectations the world holds for India’s youth.

Acknowledging the immense talent within the country’s youth, particularly those from esteemed institutions like VIPS, Shri Pradhan highlighted the pivotal role they are expected to play in shaping India’s future. He noted the deep-rooted civilizational ethos of India, emphasizing the youth’s responsibility in advancing global well-being and prosperity.

Anticipating India’s ascent to becoming the 3rd largest economy and a leadership role in the era of Industry Revolution 4.0 and beyond, Shri Pradhan expressed confidence in the youth’s ability to carry forward these aspirations. He conveyed gratitude to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and the government for consistently enabling and championing youth-led development, channeling their energy towards realizing the vision of a developed India.

The convocation ceremony marked not only the academic achievements of the graduates but also their readiness to contribute to the nation’s growth and global leadership. Shri Pradhan’s encouraging words resonated with the graduating class, inspiring them to embrace their roles as catalysts for positive change in the evolving landscape of India’s development.

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