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Indian Navy Chief Advocates Redesign of War Machinery for Future Challenges

Pune: Admiral R Hari Kumar, Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS), addressed the imperative need to overhaul and adapt traditional war fighting machinery to meet the evolving paradigms of future wars. Speaking on “Maritime Challenges of India and Indian Navy’s Endeavours” at the Military Institute of Technology (MILIT) in Girinagar, Pune on February 19, 2024, CNS highlighted the vision of the Indian Navy as the Preferred Security Partner.

Admiral R Hari Kumar underscored the strategic importance of the Indian Ocean Region, addressing its maritime challenges and advocating for a self-reliant approach and intensified collaborative efforts to ensure maritime security. He particularly emphasized the recent anti-piracy operations undertaken by Indian Navy warships. The CNS also emphasized the role of techno-warriors in shaping the armed forces in an era of jointness and stressed the integration of niche technologies in future warfare.

The visit of the Chief of Naval Staff to MILIT in Pune coincides with the birth anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the revered Indian warrior who laid the foundation of the modern Indian Navy.

During his visit, Admiral R Hari Kumar toured the newly established labs at MILIT, commending the institute for its role in molding officers of the three services, including those from Friendly Foreign Countries, into techno-warriors, future commanders, and staff officers.

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