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Union Health Secretary Launches National Action Plan for Snakebite Prevention and Control

New Delhi: Apurva Chandra, Union Health Secretary, inaugurated the National Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Snakebite Envenoming (NAP-SE) in India today. With an ambitious vision to halve snakebite deaths by 2030, NAPSE introduces a comprehensive framework for states to develop their own action plans for the management, prevention, and control of snakebites, adopting the ‘One Health’ approach. This strategy involves coordination across human, wildlife, tribal, and animal health components, engaging stakeholders at all levels.

As part of the launch event, an array of Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials were unveiled, including a booklet titled ‘Snakebite – Let’s put an end to snakebite deaths.’ This booklet will play a crucial role in creating awareness within the general community. Additionally, posters outlining Do’s and Don’ts for the general public and a 7-minute video on Snakebite Awareness were introduced. These materials aim to serve as valuable tools for disseminating critical information, raising awareness, and empowering communities to take proactive measures against snakebite incidents.

Highlighting the importance of immediate assistance for snakebite victims, a Snakebite Helpline number (15400) will be piloted in five states: Puducherry, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, and Delhi. This helpline seeks to provide prompt access to medical care, guidance, and support to individuals and communities affected by snakebite incidents.

In tandem with the snakebite initiatives, a National Rabies Control Programme Website was launched, serving as a comprehensive online platform for providing resources, updates, and insights on Rabies. This website will enable States/Union Territories to enter information related to animal bites and rabies cases, assisting communities in locating the nearest Anti Rabies Clinic and Infectious Disease Hospital for the management of such cases. Additionally, the website will facilitate the sending of reminder SMS for vaccination follow-ups.

Furthermore, the National One Health Programme for Prevention and Control of Zoonoses has been onboarded onto the Integrated Health Initiative Platform. This initiative is poised to strengthen the surveillance of zoonotic diseases across the country. The comprehensive approach of these programs reflects the government’s commitment to holistic healthcare and disease prevention strategies.

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