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Launch of Second 25T Bollard Pull Tug “Bahubali” and Keel Laying for the 4th Tug “Yuvan”

Kolkata: Commodore Atul Maini, President of SSB (Kolkata), marked a significant milestone in maritime capabilities by launching the second 25T Bollard Pull Tug, named “Bahubali,” and laying the keel for the fourth Tug, “Yuvan,” at M/s Titagarh Rail Systems Limited, Kolkata. These vessels stand as proud flag bearers of the “Make in India” initiative of the Government of India.

The construction and delivery of these powerful tugs are part of a contract with M/s Titagarh Rail Systems Limited, reflecting the nation’s commitment to the “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” initiative. Under the classification rules of the Indian Register of Shipping (IRS), these Tugs will play a crucial role in enhancing India’s maritime capabilities.

The six 25T Bollard Pull Tugs are poised to make a significant impact on the operational commitments of the Indian Navy. Designed to assist naval ships and submarines during berthing and unberthing, turning, and maneuvering in confined waters, these Tugs will provide essential support to the maritime forces.

Additionally, the Tugs will be equipped to offer afloat firefighting assistance to ships alongside and at anchorage. They will also possess the capability to conduct limited Search and Rescue Operations, further bolstering India’s maritime rescue capabilities.

The launch and keel-laying ceremonies underscore the nation’s dedication to strengthening its maritime infrastructure and fostering self-reliance in shipbuilding. These vessels not only contribute to the naval capabilities of India but also serve as a testament to the prowess and commitment of the nation in building world-class maritime assets.

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