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Union Health Minister Reviews Nationwide Dengue Preparedness

New Delhi: Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Jagat Prakash Nadda, chaired a high-level meeting today to review the dengue situation across India and assess the public health system’s preparedness for dengue prevention, containment, and management in light of the monsoon season and the global rise in dengue cases.

During the meeting, the Union Health Minister was briefed on the nationwide dengue situation and the Ministry’s preparedness. It was noted that the Dengue Case Fatality Rate has significantly reduced from 3.3% in 1996 to 0.1% in 2024 due to focused, timely, and collaborative efforts. Emphasizing the increased threat posed by the monsoon, Shri Nadda stressed the importance of being prepared and directed officials to strengthen measures against dengue.

Nadda urged officials to focus on high-burden states and regions frequently reporting outbreaks. He called for proactive collaboration with states to achieve tangible results in dengue prevention. He particularly stressed the need for inter-ministerial convergence meetings involving the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Education Ministry, Municipal Corporations, and local governments to clarify their roles in dengue prevention and control.

The Minister highlighted the Centre’s proactive communication with states regarding timely dengue prevention and control actions. Various inter-sectoral meetings have been conducted to sensitize stakeholders and ministries on their roles and responsibilities, and these efforts will be further strengthened in the coming years. The Union government has been providing technical and budgetary support to bolster these activities.

Nadda underscored the importance of communication and awareness campaigns to educate communities about the Aedes mosquito, which typically bites during the day. Nationwide awareness campaigns targeting school children and the general public will emphasize wearing clothing that covers the body and keeping water containers free of stagnant water. A comprehensive IEC campaign will be launched across TV, radio, social media, and other platforms.

The Union Health Minister also directed the creation of a 24/7 central helpline for dengue prevention and awareness, providing support for queries on symptoms, treatment protocols, and emergency situations. States were advised to set up similar helpline numbers.

Additionally, Nadda instructed AIIMS and all central government hospitals to establish dedicated dengue wards, fully equipped with trained personnel, drugs, and necessary logistics. These hospitals were also directed to create a referral system to optimize the use of clinical facilities.

Dr. Atul Goel, Director General of Health Services (DGHS), highlighted the need for sensitizing municipal bodies in states to prevent dengue outbreaks. He suggested improving coolers and tanks in buildings to make them resistant to mosquito breeding.

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