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Training Program on Election Expenditure Monitoring Bolsters Preparations for 2024 General Elections

Bhubaneswar: To ensure transparency in the upcoming simultaneous general elections in 2024, a comprehensive training program for District Nodal Officers on Election Expenditure Monitoring was conducted at the office of the Chief Electoral Officer.

Emphasizing the crucial role of free and fair elections in a democracy, Chief Electoral Officer Nikunja Bihari Dhal urged all district-level nodal officers to discharge their duties with utmost integrity and fearlessness. The District Nodal Officers play a pivotal role in preventing the misuse of financial resources and maintaining the fairness of the electoral process.

One of the primary responsibilities of the District Nodal Officers is to oversee how candidates manage their election expenses within the stipulated limits, which are Rs 40 lakh for Assembly candidates and Rs 95 lakh for Lok Sabha candidates. Chief Electoral Officer Sri Dhal emphasized the importance of close monitoring to prevent expenditure concealment, misrepresentation, and instances of paid news.

“All arrangements should be made at the district level to monitor expenditure concealment, misrepresentation of expenditure, paid news, etc., and to take action as per the rules,” stated Chief Electoral Officer Dhal during the training program.

The two-session training program delved into the detailed roles, responsibilities, powers, functions, and legal aspects of Election Expenditure Monitoring. Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr. N. Tirumala Nayak and Sataghankar led the training sessions, providing valuable insights through informative presentations.

District Nodal Officers from across the state actively participated in the training program, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the critical aspects of Expenditure Monitoring. The training aimed to equip the officers with the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure a smooth and transparent election process, upholding the principles of democracy.

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