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Odisha Information Service Cadre Undergoes Restructuring for Enhanced Public Relations Activities

Bhubaneswar: To strengthen Public Relations activities and improve government communication in various departments, the State Cabinet of Odisha has approved the restructuring of the Odisha Information Service Cadre. This decision, undertaken to ensure effective dissemination of people-centric policies and schemes, involves the creation of 61 new posts at different levels within the cadre.

As part of the restructuring process, the Odisha Information Service Cadre will witness the creation of 46 posts and the abolition of 4 posts at the level of SDIPRO (OIS-II). Among the newly established positions, 20 will be designated as SDIPRO to cover all subdivisions of the state, 8 as PRO for specific groups of departments, 2 for Social Media Activities, 2 for Bhubaneswar and Cuttack Municipal Corporations, 6 for six key government offices, and the remaining 8 for Leave, Training, and Deputation Reserve Officer roles.

Additionally, 10 posts will be created in the rank of DIPRO (OIS-JB), with 4 roles, including Manager, Publications; Stores Officer; Research and Reference Officer; and DIPRO, Rourkela, transitioning from the SDIPRO (OIS-II) level. This category will also encompass 1 post of PRO for OLA, 1 post of Assistant Director (Social Media), and 4 posts for Leave, Training, and Deputation Reserve Officers.

Furthermore, the restructuring includes the creation of 2 posts each for Deputy Director and Joint Director, along with 1 post at the level of Additional Director.

The Odisha Information Service Cadre’s restructuring is expected to make the cadre more dynamic, providing officers with increased opportunities for accelerated upward mobility. The decision aligns with the government’s commitment to fostering efficient communication and transparency, ensuring that the people of the state stay well-informed about various policies and initiatives.

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